Hi Tides...fill us in by filling in the information about what you've been up to.  
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Please add some pictures, too.  You can put photos from 1965 as well as from now.  Share with us now, so when we see you in the winter of 2015 we can reminisce about the old and get caught up on all the new! 

Nancy Pere Prolman
Bellevue, WA
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Retired Married 4
Eleven years ago I met the love of my life, my wonderful husband, Larry. Between us we have 4 outstanding children, 3 terrific grandchildren & ife is good… life is fun (most of the time). 
In 1978 I moved to Los Angeles determined to be my own boss & started my own business in Public Relations & Advertising.  In 1985 I started doing Casino Marketing for Caesars Palace & the MGM Grand, which lasted 15 years.  It was a very exciting & elaborate business & I attended so many amazing functions.   In 2000 I decided to switch gears & utilize my Real Estate license so I began selling homes.  At the same time I continued to manage my & my families properties.
Retiring in 2007 gave us more time to enjoy each other, our grandchildren & travel.  We enjoy walking in our beautiful hills, Pilates, dancing, kayaking, discussion groups, movies, theatre and a group of fun friends.
I’m planning to attend our 50th so long as our Moms are okay. Larry’s is 101 & doing very poorly & mine is 95.  Five years ago I was coming to our 45th but my Mom became ill.
Hope to see all my classmates & relive old times.  South Beach Elementary, Ida M. Fisher, Beach High hold some precious memories for me .
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Cherie Abrahams (Daitchman)
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November 06, 1947 Retired, previously Software Sales Married 1

I married in 1982 to a Canadian citizen and have been living in Toronto since then.  We have a daughter named Jackie who is 24.  I have never made it to a Reunion but will try to make it to this one.  Being in Florida in November is certainly better than being in Canada at that time. 

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adrienne adels
June 15, 1947 Retired 1
A 45th reunion causes reflection...and mine has been a good one filled with abundant love of family and friends: adventure, travel, and  fascinating work in fashion, hotels, and real estate.My marriage to a man from Hungary and South America was a grand passion.I have had the gift to live in wonderful places all over the world, and at Lavender Hill  in the magnificent horse country of Viirginia for the past 15 years.It will be great to see you all at the reunion,  to savor our roots and to share experiences and the memories of our high school years.Thank you Kndi Kaplan for your persaverance to have me join  our 45th-you influence me today as you did 50 years ago! Send adrienne a MessageSend adrienne a Message
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Life is wonderful! I worked in the Miami-Dade County Public School System for 46 years--for many of those years I was a school principal of an International Baccalaureate Magnet School (the best job anyone ever had).  I have been married for 35 years to Linda Koobrick Adler, a commercial real estate attorney with Carlton Fields in Miami.  We have two wonderful daughters. One is an advertising executive in New York City and represents Lancome/Loreal cosmetics. Our other daughter graduated from Emory Law School and is practicing commercial real estate law at Morris, Manning and Martin in Atlanta. I am currently retired and enjoy working on my antique/classic car collection and spending time at our vacation home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  I am fortunate to have a very blessed life.  I can't wait for the Reunion and look forward to reminiscing with the old "Bagel Beach" crowd! Send IRWIN a MessageSend IRWIN a Message
Aida Aida Tomas (Levitan)
July 31, 1948 Retired/consultant www.artesmiami.org Married 1
I thank the organizers for all their hard work and dedication and look forward to seeing you in November at the buffet dinner.

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Judy Alster
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Leslie Alter (Paikin)
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July 04, 1947 Mortgage Broker Married 3
Hi Classmates,
It has been a long time and I am very excited to see old friends.
i have never moved far from home but have traveled the world.
i have three married children and seven grandchildren.  Six of them kings and one princess.
Seven years ago I met a wonderful man, David Paikin, who is also a graduate of Beach High. It took me 40 years to meet him, even though we walked the same halls together. He graduated a year before me.  We have the same history and a lot of the same friends.
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Adrienne Antiles (Soroka)
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Kenneth Avick
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Susan Avnet (Gill)
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