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Ira Hirsch
March 24, 1947 consultant Single 2
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Elyce Hoch (Weiner)
August 19, 1948 Dental Hygienist Married 2
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Sue Hoffman
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May 16, 1947 Self Employed Single
 My, how time flies !!    Can't believe we will be celebrating the 45th !!!   But I still feel 18 !!!  Had a great career on Wall Street and now manage my own small business here in central New Jersey, the Garden State.  Hope to make it down and see some of the faces I grew up with, and re-live some of the good times, and those sunny days of Innocence !! Send Sue a MessageSend Sue a Message
Toni Hoffman
Myles Hornreich
October 02, 1947 Retired Single
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Stan Horowitz
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January 20, 1948 IT Storage Engineer Single 2
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Ross Houston
March 17, 1947 Married
While attending the Univ. of Miami, I became passionately involved in the sport of surfing.
Upon graduation, I entered the MBA program at NYU.
While in New York, I was also involved in the anti-war movement and worked as a marshal during D.C. demonstrations.

Returning home with my MBA, went to work at Holtz & Co. CPAs from 1973-1975.

During this time I organized the Dade County Surfing Association for the primary purpose of legitimizing the sport in order to successfully gain legal access to portions of Miami Beach shoreline for surfing.  Subsequently, became first Director of Beach Access and Preservation for the Eastern Surfing Association. Proudest accomplishment was organizing the Ft. Pierce Project to persuade the State of Florida to purchase the land at the Ft. Pierce North Jetty as a state park.

After a 6 week surf trip to the far east, I returned home and in 1976 started two businesses, Atlantic Surfing Materials and Surf Expo.  Both businesses still exist today.
Married Jeannie in 1978 and together we produced (and later sold) the Surf Expo trade shows which currently provide 250,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space.

I still own and operate Atlantic Surfing Materials LLC.

Hobbies: tennis, gardening, politics, travel.

2010: Inducted into East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame. 
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Larry Huber
December 27, 1947 dentist Married 2
Larry Huber:

University of Florida -- 1965 -- '69;  TEP fraternity;  B.S.  Major in Chemistry

Father died -- 1967

Emory Dental School -- 1969 -- '73 -- D.D.S.
Single life in Miami -- 1973 -- '81

Married -- 1981 -- Present

Mother died 1997

Dental practices:
     Liberty City, Miami -- Family Health Center -- 1973 - '75
     Associate dentist in local offices -- 1975 - '77
     Normandy Isle private practice -- 1977 - 1988
     Key Largo Dental Associates -- 1984 -- 2009
     Kendall Dental Associates -- 1988 -- Present
     Volunteer:  Dade County Dental Research Clinic
                      University of Florida -- Clinical Associate Professor 
                      Florida Dental Association -- Public Education Spokesperson

Wife and family:

     Carrie:  (Masters in Early Childhood Ed.;  University of Michigan grad)
                Married -- 1981 -- Present
     Twin children:  Hilary and Michael
                 Hilary: Lawyer at Sullivan and Cromwell in Manhattan
                 Michael:  Medical doctor in Fellowship at University of Chicago
     Brother:  Philip -- living in Palm Beach Gardens with wife Kathy
     Several neices, nephews and grand neices and nephews, famous cousins, etc.
     Dog:  Bruiser (a rescued West Highland terrier)

Medical History:

     Three dreadful cancers, all treated very aggressively and successfully.

Life today:

     Great -- wonderful wife, two children who are fine people, many dear friends,   
     working full time, still enjoying Miami life, driving my antique
     cars, (including my Corvair), boating and staying active in the community.  I look
     forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.  LTH     

Harvey Insler
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Physician Married 4
Always proud that I came from Beach High!  I took a slightly circuitous path to my final destination, first in engineering, then as a teacher in middle school, and ultimately becoming an orthopaedic surgeon in NYC and White Plains, NY.  I couldn't give up teaching, which I really enjoyed, and eventually became the Chair and Residency Program Director for an orthopaedic teaching program in New York City while I developed a large orthopedic multispecialty group in White Plains.  Retired the first time in 2007.  I have two great kids from my first marriage, Benjamin and Alex, who live in LA and NYC respectively.  Ben is in the movie business and recently married, Alex works in the food industry.  I am an avid fly fisherman and thought it was time to do some fly fishing and travel in 2007.  I wound up in Erie, PA, where I have lived ever since.  I am now the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery - my retirement job - for the Erie Veterans Affairs Hospital. I love my work!  I met Janet here, a retired school teacher, and we were married last year.  And now I have more kids - two step children and two grandchildren - Jessica, who lives with us and is a Park Ranger, and Dylan, who is married with the two grandchildren and lives in Lakeworth, FL - another opportunity now to visit the Sunshine State!  Janet and I both enjoy traveling, Ballroom Dancing, boating on Lake Erie, and flying - I became an instrument rated pilot along the way and we both really enjoy it.  Life is good. Send Harvey a MessageSend Harvey a Message
Robert Iver
February 06, 1947 Dentist Married
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