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Sanford Ivler
Allen Jacobi
July 20, 1947 Attorney/Record Co. President Married
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Eric Jacobs
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Judy Jacobs
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Martin Kahan
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Eric Kaplan
August 23, 1947 Retired Married 1
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Jonathan Kaplan
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Kandi Kaplan (Stirman)
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Business Owner Married 3

How do you talk about 68 years of life on the planet? It seems to move along at a dizzying pace. We experience love and sadness and joy..over and over again. Locking onto the joy is most important.

Rollin and I are both artists. We have always treated our home and property as an art project. I think it's rather spectacular. It's truly a symbol of our love, our interests, and our talents.

We have 3 amazing children: Jason 45, Edwin 35, and Katie 33. Jason's beautiful wife, Fran, is now COO of Miami Cordage and our son Jason is General Manager. They are doing an wonderful job of running the company.

I'm serving on the Board of Directors of the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens which was built while we were in High School and is located across the street from the Convention Center. 

Rollin started a new business with Jesse Fleet called Stirman Fleet. They do beautiful custom designs work for private and commerial properties.

I had the opportunity to get to know Robert Levine at our 45th reunion and he has since become my closest and most trusted friend. Rollin and I often retreat with Robert and Pamela to their beautiful mountain/lake home in North Georgia.

Larry and Cary Huber now come to our crazy parties!

It's never too late to find great new friends from old acquaintances, especially since we (High Tides) were brought up in a very unique environment. The older we get the more unique that time and space becomes.  

Last, but certainly not least: I will miss Steve Horwitz forever. Rollin and I became close with Melissa and Steve around 15 years ago and our entire social circle changed in an amazing way. Love you my sweet friend.


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Steven Kaplan
October 13, 1947 M.D. Married 3
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Barry Katzen
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July 05, 1947 Orthodontist Married 2

Hello Hi-Tides. I have been living in Asland, Oregon since 1977. After high school I attended Emory University with a few other Beach High grads. Sadly, they have all passed including just recently, Steve Horwitz. I then went on to attend dental school at the University of Maryland. I completed school at Tufts University in Boston, where I received my graduate degree in orthodontics.  I met my  fabulous wife Linda at a blues club in Cambridge, Mass in 1972 and we married in 1974. We have 2 great kids. Korin is director of special events for Gucci, North America and lives in NYC.  Coco works in HR for Whole Foods Market in Portland Or. I have been and still am an orthodontist in private practice for 38 years+. Linda and I love to travel and we have had the opportunity to enjoy international meetings in some incredible places including Dubai, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok, Singapore and Florence, just to name a few. We will he headed to London and Morocco in September. We recently had our first grandaughter, Lou Estella Cohen, born in NYC May 22, 2015. What a thrill!

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