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Madlyn Levine (Hanes)
Chancellor and VP of Penn State Univ Married 3
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Robert Levine
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June 28, 1947 Professor of Psychology Committed Relationship
I have lived and worked in Tampa, as a professor of Psychology, since 1975. I retired from full time teaching in 2005. I wrote an excellent self-help book, published in 2005 (It's How You Play The Game). I now teach part-time at the college, and have a professional mediation and negotiation company.

I am with a wonderful, lifelong partner, Pamela, for 35 years now. No children, but a lovebird named "shorty", and her loving companion Bella (our cat).

I was at our first and second reunions, have missed a couple in between, then found my way to our 45th. I am again very excited to re-visit and re-connect with all of you at the 50th!
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Sandi Levkoff (Berg)
February 17, 1947 Retired travel agent Married 2
I have been married for 46 yrs to Jeffrey Berg(class of '63). 2 children-3 grandchildren and 3 dogs!
Linda (Lini) Lieberman (Erich)
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Thomas Luchin
August 26, 1947 Operations Management Married 3
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lynn lynn goldsmith (goldsmith)
February 11, 1948 photographer/artist Married
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Randy Mack
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Judy Malschick
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March 19, 1947 Professor Committed Relationship
 My partenrr Dr. K. S. McQueen, Tenure professor of statistics and national keynote speaker amd I  have been together since 1988. We in Bloomington, a 1928 farmhouse on 4 acres. For more info about Kand please visit the webpage at:

 I was a clinical soial worker for many years but semi- retired from doing counseling in 2011, however, have continued to teach for the School of Social Work at Indiana University. I have been working on the stories of my life and other personal projects.  I was honored to have one of my stoires published in The Miami Herald in 2014.

I so enjoyed growing up in Miami Beach. Some of my closest relationships began in Miami Beach and I am grateful for their long standing friendship and love.   
I wish to give my appreciation to the following for what they have taught me.
Miss McClure Central Beach - respect for others and how to play nice
Dr Lichter  Fisher -value of honestly and fairness
Miss Roberts  Beach High  –importance of words and a good education
Joyce Wagner Burd – You can go home again no matter what
Robert  Levine – How to play the game (of life) and win no matter what
Rochelle Yaeger Morris- Strength and courage no matter what
Barbara. Bendig Weinberg- loving someone beyond time place and space no matter what

See you all at our 50th!
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Barry Malter
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Attorney/Professor-Retired Married 2
Spent seven great years in Gainesville at UF and UF Law, though losing my dad in ’67 was devastating.  Moved to D.C. in ‘74, hoping to slay some dragons.  At Federal Trade Commission, brought antitrust cases against directors of oil companies and banks.  Discovered my passion, and joined EPA's Office of General Counsel in '76. Handled major water pollution control matters involving the steel industry, including arguments in U.S. Courts of Appeals.
In 1980, began 18 years of private, big-firm practice, primarily representing Fortune 500 companies in contaminated site cleanup proceedings throughout the country.
Retired from practicing law in 1998, and became an adjunct professor at The George Washington University.   A decade of teaching constitutional law to undergraduates was incredibly rewarding.
Married 35 years to beautiful and brilliant Lynn Bregman, who also was a partner in a D.C. mega-law firm.  We have two fabulous, married daughters who live in Manhattan and one precious granddaughter.  We’re now continuing a lifetime of wonderful travel; we go to movies, restaurants, and my doctors; and we kvell! 
Proud that I put myself through college and law school, graduating first in my class.   And even more proud that I never missed a family dinner or a child's function, and that I’ve retained my idealism.  
Lynn and I spend the winters in Miami Beach, living down the block from Joe's, close to my family's first kosher butcher shop, and on the site of the dog track where my dad sometimes worked at night.  Would love to see old friends.  
Thanks to my Beach High classmates for giving me the privilege of representing the Class of '65.
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Laurie Mandel
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