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Lois Mehr (Linder)
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Michael Michalski
Steven Mishan
November 21, 1947 Arrorney Married 2
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Sarina Mizrahi (Hirsch)
August 20, 1947 Receptionist Married 2
Heidi Morse (Pines)
December 30, 1947 Social Worker Single 3
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Barbara Nichols
August 19, 1947 Real Estate Single
I attended college and graduate school in the northeast (Cornell graduate school, business), then returned to south Florida for four years before heading to California. After 10 years in San Francisco, I moved to Los Angelos in 1986. My career with large companies ended when I opened my own business in 1987 and have loved being an entrepreneur ever since. I own a real estate company, representing buyers and sellers, manage properties and have a general contracting license. I am an expert witness in real estate litigation, teach agents (over 15,000 so far) how not to get themselves in legal trouble, and have authored a book. "The No Lawsuit Guide to Real Estate Transactions," published by McGraw Hill. As an ongoing writer for the National Association Of Realtors, I have 15 articles published in their monthly publication Realtor. I love to travel and have been to many places in the world, most recently China, Japan, India and Africa. I am active in local politics and the interesting happenings in my Beverly Hills neighborhood. I love life and gratefully good health in California, and am enjoying my work, many friends, family and activities as we celebrate our fifieth reunion. Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Max Nisson
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Stephanie Oka (Freed)
retired Married 1
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Edward Ostroff
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September 14, 1947 Retired Married 1
Beach High 50th Reunion
I worked for Eastern Airlines for twenty six years and it was really a great working experience and career. Once Eastern Airlines went out of business, I worked at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for twenty one years which was also a great experience. The highlights and joys of my life were marrying my wife Audrey, having a beautiful daughter Lory, and Lory getting married to her Husband Justin and giving Audrey and I two beautiful grandchildren Daniel and Hailey. My favorite hobbies are the same as in high school which is sports. I spend my retired years exercising at the gym and spending as much time as possible with my family. I remember a lot about my days at Beach High. It was a wonderful learning experience. I remember all my friends, teachers, and playing football and intramural sports. My daughter Lory is also a Beach High grad and even had some of the same teachers that I had fifty years ago. A big hello to all my classmates and fond memories to the class of ’65.
Beach High 50th Reunion

Joe Pallant
Profile picture
Profile picture
June 26, 1947 Insurance/RealEstate/B&B owner Single 1
Just happy to have made our 50th Reunion and to be on the right of the grass!!   Please look at my business profile which tells you more about me and what I am doing. I wish everyone continued long life and good health,  We have lost many dear friends so lets celebrate that we are the fortunate ones that are blessed to be at the reunion. 
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