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Heidi Penchansky (Cregor)
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July 11, 1947 Tax and Financial Advisor Married 2
Recent photo of Heidi ( Penchansky ) Cregor
with husband John Cregor and sons Conrad (25)and Carl(22).

Heidi married her college (Columbia) isweetheart and have been together for over 35 years.

Heidi is an Enrolled Agent(IRS) and a registered Investment Advisor. Husband John is an Attorney. 

Have lived in Hawaii for 26 years.
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Nancy Pere (Prolman)
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Lois Pertnoy (Weingarden)
Wendy Pinsky (Grasso)
October 05, 1947 Retired teacher Widowed 3
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Jay Plotkin
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Retired Married 1
Married to my '65 classmate Susan Cohen for 44 years
Moved from Miami Beach to Atlanta in 2005 to be near our daughter, son in law and two grandchildren, Sophie 12 and Seth 10, retired Exec VP of Heritage Property Mgt in 2011.
Since retiring I am enjoying traveling, motorcycling and woodworking.
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Harvey Prohow
August 10, 1946 RN Married 1
Hi all,
   I've been an RN 34 years; working in an ER, the county jail, an ICU, a hospice, on a Native American reservation and now as a night supervisor in a behavioral hospital.  Previous to that I was in the US Air Force in intelligence, at Strategic Air Command Headquarters, in Southeast Asia; in Germany and in Washington State.   Met Judy at Salzberg.  Her father was a Sgt. Major in the US Army.  Within a month of meeting her, I asked her to marry me and...41 years later she still seems to like me.  The woman has no taste in men.
   She was an Arizona State Asst. Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division 28 years, retired, and now is a judge pro tem and is the Tucson associate in a firm based in Phoenix.  
   We have a son who works for USAID, traveling literally all over the world.  He recently married and his wife works for the Democratic National Committee.
   Sadly I haven't been to any of the reunions but I'm going to the 50th.
   I recently looked at our '65 yearbook and it brought back so many memories.
Too many people gone.
   Does anyone remember Ms. Irene Roberts, the english teacher?
Hope to see you all at the reunion!!
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Mark Rabinowitz
October 21, 1947 Physician Married
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Susan Rapoport (Martin)
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October 05, 1947 Retired Married 2

Where have the years gone….I can’t believe it’s 50 years since “Who are we, Best Alive, Seniors, Seniors, 65!!!”. For me the last 50 years have been wonderful….I graduated from UM in June of ‘69 and in July I married my best friend, who I met in South Shore Park when I was in 6th grade, Ronnie Martin. We have been married for 46 years, have 2 wonderful children, 3 fabulous grandchildren, and an adorable dog. Life is great!!!

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Michael Rappaport
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Married 3
Made it through adolescence and my childrens, the military, became successful. Love what I do. Have a wonderful family and friends. I have been married to the same great woman for 46 years. I'm still funny and very happy. I know what a wonderful experience most of us had. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Sandi Ratner (Still)
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February 27, 1947 Manager, CDC Single
What a trip down memory lane to view the pictures.

After leaving Miami Beach, I was sentenced to New York for 3 years.  The jobs were great, but the living was hard not having a cool million dollars right off the bat.  I've now been in Atlanta since that time.

I love backpacking and travel and am looking forward to doing more of both when I finally retire!

2015 Update on the retire:  now working parttime at the CDC and loving it.  2-1/2 days/wk gives me plenty of time to play.  Still doing a lot of traveling.
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