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Berna Spector (Feuerstein)
Cathy Steele (Hoffeld)
November 10, 1947 Married 2
My husband Tom and I celebrated our 45th Anniversary this year. We have two wonderful children, Amy and Josh. Amy is married lives in Santa Fe where she is a veterinarian. She and her husband Evan are the parents of our two super grandchildren Archer Rose (6)
and Henry (8). Josh and his wife Christina live in the Chicago area. He is an industrial designer and she is a chef.

In 2004 Tom and I made a life style change and moved to Colorado where we are living on the ranch we had always dreamed about. Guess you could say I traded manicures for manure! The ranch,cross country sking and hiking keep me happy and busy. Tom is still practicing orthopedics part time not quite ready to retire completely.

Watching the sun set and the stars light up the night sky from our deck with a glass of wine in hand has given new meaning to "the good life."

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Is it really 50 years?
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Clara Sue Stegeman
Attorney Single
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Jeffrey Steiner
Eddie Steinfeldt
Committed Relationship
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Jeffrey Stern
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Robert A Stone
July 23, 1947 Certified Public Accountant Married 2
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robert strell
Profile picture
Architect/landscape designer Committed Relationship
An adobe deco life well-lived in New Mexico for so many years. Feet on the ground, aspiring to the sky, healthy and in good cheer. I'm keeping my world, my heart and mind as big and open as it can be. The perfect moment to be reunited with all of you! Send robert a MessageSend robert a Message
steven sutnick
October 22, 1947 dentist Married 2
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October 16, 1947 Retired Single Again

Hello Beach High Class of 65,

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you and hearing about your last 50 years. I hope they have been all that you hoped.  I departed our little home town after high school. After graduationing from Ohio State University, I headed west to San Francisco to be a part of all the changes in our society.  Eventually, I missed the east coast and moved to Vermont where I lived in the country, raised chickens, got married and taught special education. I then returned to California where I lived happily for 15 years.  I've had a couple of terrific & rewarding careers, many interests, wonderful friends and good health. I've lived in Boston for the past 15 years.

...see you soon, Beth


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