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Richard Soll
Senior Scientist/Business Development Manager Married 1
I have spent 45+ years in academia, think tanks, and a major research and development company as a senior scientist, corporate officer, and business development manager; since 1975 I have lived and worked in the Washington, DC, area. My original career field was Kremlinology -- the study of Soviet political and military affairs -- which morphed into the broader areas of nuclear deterrence and nonproliferation. During the 90s I managed a program to denuclearize the former Soviet Union, advised three secretaries of defense on arms control and nonproliferation, and worked closely with the man who is the current secretary.  After 9/11 I managed a program at the State Department to provide technical assistance to more than 40 countries for preventing the flow of nuclear and biological weapons across their borders. I had some exciting and dangerous international travel for work but gave it up a few years ago.  I am currently in business development on large ($100 million-plus) programs for my company, which I joined 36 years ago when it was much smaller than it is now (about 20,000 employees).

I am blessed with an amazing and wonderful wife (Audrey) and son (Bradley). We started our family later than most of my classmates:  Bradley is 16, in 11th grade at a high school that is very much like Beach was in our day (i.e., outstanding and competitive), and involved in varsity and private league sports. In my free time I shuttle Bradley back and forth to his sports events, listen to music (mainly blues, classic rock, and jazz), read, go to the gym. and just spend time with Audrey and Bradley.

I am really looking forward to the 50th reunion! Although some of my good friends from Beach have passed away, much too young, I can't wait to reminisce and catch up with the rest -- beyond what we have been able to do through Facebook.  Our class was very special (I know, they all say that, but ours REALLY was special), and our classmates are what make it special.

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Larry Soroka
Director of Investment Sales
Berna Spector (Feuerstein)
Cathy Steele (Hoffeld)
November 10, 1947 Married 2
My husband Tom and I celebrated our 45th Anniversary this year. We have two wonderful children, Amy and Josh. Amy is married lives in Santa Fe where she is a veterinarian. She and her husband Evan are the parents of our two super grandchildren Archer Rose (6)
and Henry (8). Josh and his wife Christina live in the Chicago area. He is an industrial designer and she is a chef.

In 2004 Tom and I made a life style change and moved to Colorado where we are living on the ranch we had always dreamed about. Guess you could say I traded manicures for manure! The ranch,cross country sking and hiking keep me happy and busy. Tom is still practicing orthopedics part time not quite ready to retire completely.

Watching the sun set and the stars light up the night sky from our deck with a glass of wine in hand has given new meaning to "the good life."

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Is it really 50 years?
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Clara Sue Stegeman
Attorney Single
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Jeffrey Steiner
Eddie Steinfeldt
Committed Relationship
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Jeffrey Stern
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Robert A Stone
July 23, 1947 Certified Public Accountant Married 2
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robert strell
Profile picture
Architect/landscape designer Committed Relationship
An adobe deco life well-lived in New Mexico for so many years. Feet on the ground, aspiring to the sky, healthy and in good cheer. I'm keeping my world, my heart and mind as big and open as it can be. The perfect moment to be reunited with all of you! Send robert a MessageSend robert a Message
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