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Thomas Wynbrandt (Marcus )
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Along with the rest of you, I can't quite believe it's been 50 years. Here's a quick overview of what I've been up to:
I attended Florida State. I moved to New York City. I studied songwriting with Paul Simon. I reclaimed my birth name (Wynbrandt) and dropped my stepfather's. My band, the Miamis, performed alongside Blondie, Ramones, Patti Smith, Kiss, Talking Heads and similar exemplars of the day’s tastes. When I realized we weren’t going to get famous, I went into advertising. I met my future wife, Judy, at the first place I worked. Later, we started our own marketing firm, specializing in financial services. I began to ghostwrite books. These commercial activities continue and I still write songs, too. Judy and I have now been married for 32 years. We enjoy every day together.
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Rochelle (Shelli) Yaeger (Morris (Yaeger))
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November 18, 1947 Musician / Professor / Therapist Married 2
At the reunion, I was most delighted to see that the pettiness and the boundary lines have blurred and
we are finally all just human beings. No longer divided by who you hang out with, what label you are wearing or                              what street you live on ... maybe we really are "grown up". I am grateful for the time and the place of my childhood, Miami Beach in the 50's and 60's. I am grateful for the part that each of you has played in my life.      Until we meet again.  Shelli (Yaeger) Morris
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Fran Yavers (Felser)
January 24, 1948 Retired Married
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Carol Young (Meyer)
June 15, 1947 Realtor Married 3
My years at Beach High were a mixed bag; in retrospect, it was a blast though! I miss everyone and in touch with too few people. I hope everyone is happy, well and living life to the fullest. I am married and have three sons, three precious grandaughters and two amazing grandsons.  Oh, can't forget Brutis, my rescue doggie.

I have such amazing memories of growing up on Euclid Avenue. In those days, we could skate to Flamingo Park, walk anywhere and just "hang out". Loved going to the Cameo theatre and shopping on Lincoln Road.  My crush on Domingo lasted for years. After getting divorced, was informed by a friend that he had passed. A huge shock. 

Not going to reunion, but hope everyone has a blast! Love to hear from some of you!

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Stephen N. Zack
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Attorney Married 2
Looking back at the days of Beach High, they were certainly “Happy Days.”  Recently I was asked to return to speak to students, and the wonderful memories came pouring back as I remembered my friends standing around the flag pole that’s still there. 

I’ve devoted most of my time to being a trial lawyer, international arbitration and public service, serving as president of the American Bar Association and Florida Bar. 

I am happy I have remained friends with so many of my Beach High classmates.  When I tried Bush v. Gore for the Vice President, I enjoyed hearing from many of my old Beach High friends.

In my civic role, I helped rewrite the Florida Constitution and the Miami Beach Charter, and served as General Counsel to Governor Bob Graham.  Most recently, I served as U.S. Delegate to the United Nations and Senior Advisor to the State Department. 

I spend my free time growing grapes and olives at my ranch in Napa alongside my wife Marguerite who enjoys traveling with me and has supported my work and hobbies. 

My greatest achievement is my family.  My wife, Marguerite; my children, Tracey and Jason; and my two precious granddaughters, Madison and Sasha.
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Judy Zientz (Willis)
December 31, 1969
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Richard ZINN
Nancy Zivitz (Sussman)
Urban/Healthcare Planner 3
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