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Ellen Cobb (Shelburne)
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October 28 Video Producer Married
          I loved growing up in Miami Beach during what I call the “Golden Years.”  I’ve come to describe it as a sleepy little resort town, that was only crowded during the winter months of tourist season, and as locals, we knew which roads to travel to avoid the out of towners. 
          Granted our childhoods were vastly different from the rest of the country.  Where else were young kids hanging out at fancy hotels for sweet sixteen and Bar & Bat Mitzvahs parties, spending summers at the pool cabanas and having the opportunity to see name brand entertainers at the hotel night clubs with our parents or on dates?  Of course 47th Street beach was the great equalizer, as everyone spent some of their time there and it was a guaranteed location to see and be seen.  Even the Beatles made an appearance here!  When Laura Herman and I decided to skip school to get a suntan before prom night, I knew I could tell my mom the truth, as she would surely understand.  She did, but I never mentioned the other times.
          Did we even have school buses?  Freddy Feder had a car and generously picked up Laura, Bobby Rindley and me for the drive to school.  That was always a great way to start the day.
          Being a cheerleader was pretty cool, something for me that began back at Nautilus.  In hind sight I greatly appreciate the physical activity it presented and I’ve stayed pretty active ever since.  No doubt it was quite the ego trip too, since we wore our uniforms to school on game days and out on the town after the games.  Although I wonder why we never complained about wearing long sleeved shirts with wool sweater vests and wool socks in that Miami Beach heat?
          I worked in the attendance office for first period in my senior year.  That was fun and it afforded me with an insider’s view of high school goings on.  It’s also the reason I could skip school without my folks finding out, since I only randomly showed up to homeroom which came after first period, so my name wasn’t reported if I was missing and therefore my parents never got a call asking why I wasn’t at school.
          I really liked Irene Roberts’ vocabulary class.  I credit her, along with my mother, for my love and respect of the English language and because of them think of myself as a wordsmith.  Mr Alexander was a great teacher.  Who knew then that I’d end up being so interested in current events and politics.  Do they even teach “civics” anymore?
          As a youngster I got my first foreign travel experience when I flew with my family to Nassau the first time.  Our dear friends the Yanowitz’s (Stan Yanowitz, a few years older than me, was a Beach High four letterman!) owned a business there.  I realize now, that was the start of a life-long interest in the world at large.  As a result I have had the opportunity to visit over 65 countries, some on business and most for pleasure.
          Many of the friendships I made during my school years have lasted a lifetime – some consistently, some intermittently, some just carried in my heart of hearts – all of them deeply meaningful and important to helping make me the person I am.  It is poignant to see that the qualities I recognized in each of these friends when they were young have reached full potential in the adult they are today.  There is something very special about a friendship that reaches back to the formative years of our lives.
          When I went to college and was asked where I was from, the answer usually elicited the same response, “Then why did you ever leave?”  That got old, so I changed my answer to Albuquerque, New Mexico and that brought silence.
          Now I waiver between answering Miami Beach, or just Miami, depending on the person and the situation.  Because both answers are loaded with many preconceived notions, none of which really reflect the actual life we lived in those Golden Years.
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Cecelia Cohen (Rubin)
April 01, 1947 Realtor Married 2
I have been living in the Tampa bay area for over 40 years. For most of that time I've been a Realtor, working with my husband Lew. We've been married for 44 years and have a wonderful son and daughetr.

My hobbies and interests have included playing bridge, mah jong, dancing, Spansih language classes and playing the piano. My most successful activity has been playing golf, where I have won many trophies and the "grand slam" of golf tournaments hare at the Heritage Springs Country Club
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Ira Cohen
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Jeffrey Cohen
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January 22, 1947 Developer Married 2
 45 years hard to believe. Beach High and Miami Beach great memories. Beach was Dynamite.

 Beginning in 1970, I became the youngest licensed general contractor in the State of Florida, I served as Vice President of Cohen-Ager, Inc., a construction and development firm where I developed industrial income properties. Escaped to Aspen Colorado for a couple of years. In 1986, I came back to Miami Beach, redeveloping numerous Art Deco structures, including ownership and management of two nightclubs and restaurants.

 In 1988 I married Moni we have two children now 17 & 21

 I continue to own & operate income properties, Life is good. Looking forward to seeing everyone. 

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Rebecca and Stephen Cohen (Sheldon)
November 04, 1947 Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine & Neurology; Realtor Married 4
Through the last 50 years, we have most greatly appreciated our growing up on Adams Avenue and our high school years at Beach High.  After moving to Chicago Stephen became a physician specializing in pediatric pulmonary, critical care, neurology, and sleep medicine at Northwestern University. His avocation is photography and currently has a solo exhibition at the Ed Paschke Art Center in Chicago.  Stephen's greatest gift was when Rebecca joined him in Chicago in 1996 following our 30th reunion.  Our family now has grown to four married children and five granddaughters.  This would never have happened without our special friendship growing up at Nautilus, North Beach, and Beach High.  We are so happy to be able to participate in our 50th reunion and cannot believe we have been together in Chicago for 20 years!  Rebecca manages property and loves books, art, photography, friends and family (and her turtles). Send Rebecca and Stephen a MessageSend Rebecca and Stephen a Message
Stephen and Rebecca Cohen (Sheldon)
Physician/Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Married 4
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Susan Cohen (Plotkin)
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August 24, 1947 Married 1
Married to Jay, class of '65 for the past 44 years. Lived on Venetian Causeway, moved to Atlanta suburb 10 years ago. Enjoy being near our daughter Ilene also a Beach High graduate 1991 and her husband David and our 2 grandchildren, Sophie 12 and Seth 10.
It was great to see our classmates at the 45th Reuion, however we will unfortunately miss the 50th. Good Health to All
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Bonnie Cypen (Epstein)
November 29, 1947 retired,social worker Single 2
I went to college in Boston and later lived in NY for a year. Married Marc Epstein and lived in San Fran for 2 years. Moved back to Miami and had two sons. Later got divorced and I became a licensed social worker and worked for the Miami Jewish Home.  I raised two great sons Adam and Brett, Brett just got married so I'm hoping to be a grandmother soon!
Now I travel back and forth between Miami And LA.
I have Many wonderful friends and memories from Beach High 
Congrats to the class of '65 on the 50th reunion!
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Adrienne Deblinger (Kristall)
October 05, 1947 RN-retired Married 1
I've been married 39+ years to Ray Kristall  who graduated from Miami High '64. I graduated w/ a BSN from Univ of Miami and spent most of my career in nursing as an OR nurse. We have one son and we are soon to be grandparents which we are very excited about. We lived in Dallas, TX for 15 years and moved back to Orlando in 1999. Just couldn't stay away from Florida too long! Looking forward to seeing and reconnecting with old friends from Beach High '65.  Send Adrienne a MessageSend Adrienne a Message
Manny Diner
November 23, 1947 Attorney Married
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