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Jeffrey Fine
April 26, 1947 Aircraft Sales & Management Married 2
I am living my dream with a career in aviation.  The weekend after graduation I enrolled in the aviation program at Miami Dade and two years later received my Commercial Pilots License.  I then attended the University of Florida and received a degree in Public Relations, Marketing and Management.  After that and a six year stint with Sears’s management, I resumed my aviation career.  I worked for Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach then on to Piper Distribution in Muncie, Indiana and finally my own company, Fine Aircraft Sales here in Columbus, Ohio.  Since moving here in 1984 I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters Mara (33) and Jenna (31) and two granddaughters Sophie and Maya.  In 1996 I met a very special person, Lisa and we were married in 2004.  We live in Delaware, Ohio with our dog Loki.  Lisa and I enjoy snow skiing (just finished my 31st year as a ski racer), scuba diving, boating, flying and motorcycling.  We spend summer weekends on Lake Erie and when the snow falls, we travel to Colorado.  Life is good…
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Carla Fink (Mallach)
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Carla Fink
December 16, 1947 Social Worker Married
Hi Everyone -

So, where to begin?  Since I've been to most of the previous reunions, my last 50 years will not come as a big surprise to anyone I've spoken to.  

I moved up to Massachusetts to go to college and never left except for a couple of years in beautiful Cleveland (!) for graduate school.  I returned to the Boston area in 1976 as a social worker and have had  pretty good career in child and adolescent mental health since then, working in some good places - and some not so good - but feeling like I've made some contribution to the welfare of the world by relating positively to a whole lot of little kids with lots worse problems that I ever had.  And, by the way, learning a lot from them about coping and resilience.  As of this writing, I'm still at it, working not quite full time and contemplating what I'd do if I stopped working.

Ten years ago I got introduced to my college roommate's cousin, Efrem, whom I hadn't known existed, and we've been together ever since, marrying 5 years ago.  Although I never minded living alone, life has gotten to be a lot more fun since then and through him I acquired two already-grown-up step-sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren who I get to have relationships with without ever having to toilet train anyone.  Nice.

I've been blessed with a lot of great old friends, including from Beach High (Judy Jacobs Toni (Ruscol) Cohen, Judy Alster, Stephanie Oka Freed) and from college (see above) as well as new.  As an only child, I count my long-time friends as family without the battles about who gets the silver.  I'm not sure what I would have done without them. 

There have definitely been ups and down:  a lot of angst around my mother's long lingering illness and many not much fun trips to MB in the 80's and 90's, a bout with breast cancer 20 year ago (probably not a rare occurrence among our cohort) and some sad losses more recently.  I am way too superstitious to say I've been mostly lucky, but I did think it would be good to show up at our 50th reunion and be counted.  I hope we will all forgive each other if we don't remember things.  That's just how it is now, right?

Be well!!
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Dianne Finvarb (Fishman)
glenn firestone
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September 05, 1947 art dealer/consultant Married 4
  For all those Hi tide "Geeks" I 've done quite well. Married my college sweetheart Sherry(going on 41 wonderful years. 4 great kids and 3 adorable grandchildren. Closed the family business in 2004 and embarked on an internet fine art gallery specializing in Florida art. Co-edited a book on the Florida artist A.E.Backus. Enjoying life and living a right behind the"U" Summer house in Vermont.See ya'll in November Send glenn a MessageSend glenn a Message
Jose Font
Profile picture
Profile picture
December 17, 1947 Activist Married 1
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David Frank
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Tim Gallen
April 03, 1947 Market positioning/Media relocations Married
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Joel Galpern
December 25, 1947 CPA Married 4
Staci and I have been married for 32 years and have 4 wonderful children - 3 girls, then the boy.  I've been in public accounting for 30+ years, had my own firm for 26 years and merged with Friedman, Cohen, Taubman 2 1/2 years ago.  We've lived in South Broward for about 30 years.  Looking forward to seeing a lot of old buddies and classmates. Send Joel a MessageSend Joel a Message
Jeff Gidney
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